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ner xad.rar - 3.52 MB - NoDRM 1920x1080(1280x720)->1920x1080(1280x720) Tobias Dandl - The Boss of Reaktor 6 2.98 MBQ: What is the difference between a word of power and a word of truth? What is the difference between a word of power and a word of truth? Is there any difference in meaning, usage, etc.? A: The Greek word is pisteos, "truthful, trustworthy." The Hebraic word is "Yahweh" -- the same word used for the Covenant name. The Septuagint used pisteos, and many translate pisteos as "know." That would be the second half of the phrase "pisteis ton theon" Know thy Lord, "Blessed be thy know thy Lord" The only word that is clearly the same as the English "word of power" is the Greek word triskeios, "power." Vapor degreasing systems have been in use for many years for the cleaning of a wide variety of substrates and other parts. These systems have been used extensively in the cleaning of circuit boards in the electronics industry and, more recently, are being used in the automotive industry for the cleaning of metal parts. These prior art systems are generally classified in three broad categories: immersion systems, spray systems and ultrasonic systems. In an immersion system a substrate or part is immersed in a vessel containing a solvent such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and the part is cleaned by a variety of methods, such as dipping, spraying, blowing the solvent onto the part, wiping the part with an absorbent cloth, etc. These immersion systems have several disadvantages. Because they use a solvent such as TCE, which is a known carcinogen, the use of this system is being curtailed. The TCE vapor from the solvent must be removed before the part can be allowed to come in contact with workers in the clean room. The contaminated solvent must be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Also, these systems are not selective in that they clean the entire part, not just the area needing cleaning. Spray systems are generally designed to deposit a selected cleaning chemical composition, such as a liquid cleaning solution, on the substrate surface. The



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